Body Treatments

Transformations are no accidents. But for every woman who has successfully trimmed their thighs, lost their love handles, and banished bra fat or bingo wings, there are a dozen others who remain unfairly plagued by these trouble spots that take a tenacious grip despite rigorous exercise and diet regimes. Blame it on genetics, age, or the twin pregnancy, most of us non-supermodel mortals could use a little help to coax those flabby cushions into submission. As a consolation, advancements in body-bettering science now allow you to slip into your skinnies and bikinis with ease and confidence - sans surgery. 

Supercharging your workouts with clinically-proven, non-invasive technology that's low in risk (and effort) and big on impact can help make your arduous path to pink of health and tip-top shape a more bump-free and silky smooth one.