Broken Capillaries & Spider Veins

Many of us covet the just-pinched bridal blush. But for complexions marred by marked facial blotchiness and broken capillaries, life may not be so rosy. The red uneven skin tone and concealer-defying squiggly vessels cloud overall radiance and leave many feeling blue. 

Facial flushing and broken vessels can result from many things: Most commonly genetic, but also with sun damage and medical conditions such as rosacea. Besides UV protection, those troubled by redness should reduce flush aggravators like spicy foods, hot beverages, alcohol and extremes of temperatures where possible. Off the face, spider veins are the bane of many otherwise flawless legs. They may be triggered by pregnancy, and prolonged sitting or standing (particularly in high heels), especially in those who are genetically predisposed. 

Stay in the Clear 

You don't have to get red in the face as prominent broken capillaries, persistent ruddiness and pesky spider veins can now be effectively treated with lasers and IPL: 


Give Vbeam laser the green light to banish the red. Tough on imperfections yet gentle even on infant skin, this pulse-dye laser targets broken capillaries to clear blotchy redness and red scars from within for a calm even luminosity, while activating collagen replenishment for a youthful bounce and smoother texture. 

For a clear winner, the Balancing Program combines Vbeam with two touchy-skin aides to restore the peace and pretty in ruddy, sensitive types: 

The Green Tea & Ginger facial and Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing help detoxify stressed and acne-prone skin, boost skin’s hydrobalance and fortify the fragile skin barrier against external environmental assault for a balanced healthy complexion. 

Vbeam is also the red-carpet secret to many mysteriously ageless decolletage and yummy mummies: 

It rejuvenates sun-damaged skin plagued by blotchy red-brown patches along with broken veins and sun spots (poikiloderma), and enhances the appearance and healing of red stretch marks left by pregnancy on the body. 

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) 

This quick photofacial is a "clear" fuss-free favourite amongst busy urbanites for maintaining an even, glowing complexion, tone pores and slow down the hands of time. 


Tidy up spidery thread veins and prepare to sizzle in shorts with non-invasive laser vein removal. The GentleYAG laser is a welcomed alternative to the "gold standard" Sclerotherapy (microinjection of a solution to close up bigger dilated leg veins) for treating fine spider veins without needles or downtime. It is FDA-approved to treat all skin types. 

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