Facial Slimming Program


The perfect V-shaped face has been a silent envy of many ladies across Asia, everyday women and superstars alike. Now you can easily pare pounds off your face without the blade for a mysteriously fresh and defined contour: 


A light touch of magic with Botulinum Toxin microinjections for a fabulously soft facial contour. 


Serious reshaping with Botulinum Toxin microinjections for an elegantly defined and delicate visage that looks genetically blessed. 


Shed years off your face with Botulinum Toxin microinjections and Ulthera for natural ageless grace. 

Program price RM4370 (SLIMTouch); RM6440 (SLIMShape); RM13,340 (SLIMSculpt) 

You can choose to have your treatments separately. Treatments cost RM4600 (SLIMTouch); RM6900 (SLIMShape); RM16,100 (SLIMSculpt) when done separately. 

[+] Botulinum Toxin for facial contouring 
[+] Ulthera 

Program Details: 
SLIMtouch - 2 sessions Botulinum Toxin jaw 
SLIMshape – 3 sessions Botulinum Toxin jaw 
SLIMsculpt – 3 sessions Botulinum Toxin jaw, Ulthera Jawline