Luminous Skin Program

Want a complete overhaul of your skin? Want a smoother, more luminous complexion in 5 easy treatments? Our luminous skin program is the ultimate protocol for dramatic improvement in all aspects of the skin including scars, pigmentationfine lines and skin texture

Includes the revolutionary Fraxel Restore Microresurfacing treatment + LED Red & LED Plus for skin healing + Whitening facial wraps. 

The end result? Luminous skin. Excellent for patients who are looking to dramatically improve their skin quality as well as to 
reverse signs of aging

Program price RM14,720 

You can choose to have your treatments separately. Treatments cost RM20,300 when done separately. 

[+] Fraxel Restore 
[+] LED Red 
[+] LED Plus 

Program Details: 5 sessions Fraxel Restore, 5-time LED Red Photomodulation therapy, 5-time LED plus Photomodulation therapy, 10-time collagen whitening facial wraps.