Weight Loss

At The Sloane Clinic, we believe in a holistic and comprehensive weight loss program.


One of the agreed method of measuring weight in order to detect whether individuals are outside the normal weight range uses the individual's height and weight measurements to calculate (weight divided by height squared) the Body Mass Index (BMI). 

A person with a BMI of less than 23 is not overweight. A BMI between 23 and 30 is classified as being 'overweight' whereas a BMI of 30 or more indicates 'obesity'. 

Being overweight impairs your health in more ways than one. The extra weight makes daily activities difficult and keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest. It can affect you psychologically by not allowing you to feel good and confident about yourself. Being overweight also increases your risk of serious medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. 

At The Sloane Clinic, long-lasting weight reduction can be achieved with the right combination of proper and supervised diet, meal replacements, exercise, lifestyle counselling, body treatments and medications. 

We work with our patients to bring down their weight and overall body fat, as well as to contour and sculpt their bodies so that inch loss from stubborn areas becomes possible. Different body sculpting treatments as well as approved medication can work together in synergy to make that perfect body achievable for everyone. 

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