Pore Reduction Program

The difference between a dull complexion and a porcelain smooth complexion is large, unsightly pores! Minmize pore size, reduce oil (sebum) production with our Pore Reduction Program.

The result? Matte, healthier & less oily skin!

Excellent for patients who are plagued with large pores and oily skin. Our Pore Reduction program includes Laser Peel + Microdermabrasion+ LED Red + Astringent Facial Wraps. Our program is designed to tighten and firm up your skin as well as to reduce your pore size. Enjoy a porcelain smooth complexion today! 

Program price RM6900 

You can choose to have your treatments separately. Treatments cost RM9270 when done separately. 

+] Laser Peel 
[+] LED Red 
[+] Microdermabrasion 

Program Details: 6 sessions Laser Peel, 3 sessions Microdermabrasion, 3-time LED Red therapy, 6-time Astringent Facial Wraps.