Micro-Botulinum Toxin injection for refining and rejuvenating faces!

Microinjections of miniscule doses of BOTOX® are distributed all over the face and neck to diminish fine wrinkles and improve the sheen and suppleness of the skin. Micro-Refine works by causing sweat glands and sebaceous glands to shrink and atrophy, resulting in smooth clear skin without loss of movement in major facial muscles. 

Micro-Refine is best combined with collagen and skin rejuvenation laser therapies such as Fraxel Light and IPL to improve and prolong their optimal skin refining effects. 

Our patients report that their pores are visibly smaller, and that their skin is less oily and more translucent after the treatment. You will also feel that your face looks "lifted" and firmer and that your complexion appears more refined after a series of treatments. 

If you are seeking to refine your skin and tighten your pores, this treatment is ideal for you.