Very Luminous Skin Program

Skin transformation in the blink of an eye? Well, we may have just the magic wand for you ---- in the form of our Very Luminous Skin Program. An even deeper and more intense version of our Luminous Skin Program, specially designed for those who will not settle for anything less than absolute perfection, this total skin renewal program will target all aspects of dermal rejuvenation from tone, texture and colour but with unparalleled power and focus. From fine lines, open pores, scars, pigmentation and skin laxity, this program aims to transform how you look el pronto! Additional skin tightening technology means that apart from its skin smoothening prowess, crepey skin and niggly skin laxity is now even better addressed than ever before! 

Includes the revolutionary Mixto Resurfacing treatment + LED Red & LED Plus for skin healing + Whitening facial wraps. 

The end result? Very Luminous skin. Excellent for patients who are looking for skin perfection and address signs of ageing at the same time! 

Program price RM17,200 

You can choose to have your treatments separately. Treatments cost RM22,760 when done separately. 

[+] Mixto 
[+] LED Red 
[+] LED Plus 

Includes the revolutionary 5 Mixto Resurfacing treatment + 5 LED Red & 5 LED Plus for skin healing + 15 Whitening facial wraps.