Glamour Peel


The glitzy gown, perfect tresses, and of course, the award-worthy complexion. 

Celebrities don't just dream a dream of luminous skin when they have to walk down the red carpet. They work for it, with the help of a literal army of beauty gurus, that is. But why should the stars get to hog all the expert help? With The Sloane Clinic's Glamour Peel, you can indulge in a dose of professional red carpet beauty too – the standout glow, HD-ready smoothness and all that glamour. 

What is the Glamour Peel? 

The Glamour Peel is a weekend peel with a red carpet difference. A combination of professional peels is carefully selected for you to deliver a quick all-round complexion improvement by addressing 6 key skin concerns simultaneously: Skin brightening, spot fading, line smoothening, pore reduction, sebum balance and hydration boost. 

Together with a series of oxygenating masques and regenerating concentrates, this dermal trailblazer amps up your glam wattage with a beautiful skin that will never go out of style. 

What can it do for my skin? 

You can fight different elements of ageing and build a dazzling radiance by seizing the daily opportunity brought by cellular turnover. Healthy skin renews itself every 14 to 30 days. Unfortunately, this cycle slows into a dull, rough spot or a frustrating comedonal traffic jam with age and the stresses of urban living. 

The Glamour Peel normalises and optimises this cell renewal process to allow your skin to repair itself faster and retain moisture better. This results in a more uniform and balanced complexion that's invitingly smooth, supple and clear. On the longer term, as active healthy skin cells produce more new collagen, your natural youthful vitality shines through from within. 

Does it have any downtime? 

This weekend peel is your ideal skincare partner 1 to 2 days before the photo opportunity as it will be on the long run. Except for a mild out-of-the-gym flush in those with more sensitive skin, most will just notice a dewy glow and silky softness of freshly energized skin immediately post-treatment. For best rejuvenation results, the Glamour Peel is recommended monthly for 6 sessions. 

Sun tanning or harsh exfoliation just before and right after the Glamour Peel is not advised. For more details, call any of the branches of The Sloane Clinic.