Save Your Neck Program

Disguising your neck with scarves and turtlenecks galore? So delicate yet neglected are our necks, they are often quoted as the best indicators of one's vintage. 

Chin up! You can now check your fragile neck-esteem at the door and keep them guessing your age by extending our advanced skinsaver programs down south. 

Tone & Lift neck: Smooth lines, even out skin tone. 
Program price: RM3450 

Divine Whitening neck: Erase stubborn stains, increase skin fairness and glow. 
Program price: RM4370 

Super Lift neck: Firm skin, smooth lines and crinkles. 
Program price RM3910 

Brightening neck: Brighten, whiten and lighten. 
Program price RM3910 

Luminous Skin neck: Complete complexion overhaul. 
Program price RM7360 

Brilliant Skin neck: Complexion rejuvenation. 
Program price: RM4701.20