Our Vision. Our Philosophy.

Dr. Sir Hans Sloane revealed to us in his life’s work & philosophy that our planet Earth is magnificent in its Beauty; and that the World is Beautiful in its Natural Diversity.


We are all Beauty, because we are from Mother Earth and the Universe.  Just like many others who came before us as Beauty in their special forms, and all others who will come after us as Beauty, we are altogether the Collective Beauty of Humankind.  Look up to the stars above, and marvel at their beauty that inspires our SLOANE BEAUTY & WELLNESS. It is this Beauty that inspires us to communicate with our patients, our family, loved ones, friends and partners.


We are indeed honoured that our SLOANE brand bears the name of one who was accomplished in his diligent search for; and collecting, the Beauty in the World; and to share them with us in the museums that still exist to this very day.


Here at Sloane, we are doctors, medical teams and entrepreneurs, dedicated to contribute, empower and communicate the Beauty that is in ALL of us.  We strive to build a community of universal beauty that is authentic, sustainable and meaningful to our very being and lives.


We believe that humanity radiates holistic beauty & wellness, from the inside out; hence, beauty is more than skin deep.  Beauty transcends beyond our physical form.


This is the SLOANE BEAUTY & WELLNESS we are proud to share and communicate.