Our Brand

Our Vision of Sustainable Beauty and Wellness





“Imagine Beauty. Sustainable Beauty. The SLOANE Beauty.”

As a renowned medical aesthetics brand in Singapore and regionally, SLOANE is helmed by passionate and visionary doctor-entrepreneurs, medical teams and healthcare managers.  SLOANE aims to empower positive and sustainable change in everyone we meet and care for.


Be it enhancing your beauty journey or defying the signs and dysfunctions of ageing, SLOANE provides effective diagnostic and treatment solutions with its comprehensive range of innovative medical beauty and anti-ageing devices and protocols; as well as best-of-breed cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals.


Our proprietary clinical programs have touched the lives of many for more than a decade and we continue to innovate and improve on our services and product offerings.  Here at SLOANE, we believe that you are already beautiful. It is our mission to develop a sustainable Beauty journey with you.


Our mission is to be the SLOANE Beauty Sentinels who guide and walk with you in this Beauty journey, this Beauty discovery; so that you may experience and radiate The SLOANE BEAUTY that exists within everyone of us.  It is this universal Beauty that we seek to share, to experience and to communicate with each other. So that you can Be Beauty. The SLOANE BEAUTY.

Our Inspiration & Brand Values

We believe in our noble calling as doctors and scientists first, to inspire and guide everyone to integrate and apply sustainable beauty and wellness holistically into their lives.  


We believe in treating our patients, our colleagues and ourselves with empathy, compassion and respect.  


We believe our diverse and shared strengths, constant and never-ending improvement and learning in our Medical practice, our Science and our Art are key value contributors to achieve good patient care and service.

We draw from our true legacy and inspiration, so that we stand on the shoulders of giants before us, to see further, aim higher and act positively to build a better and sustainable community and world for our children and future generations of humankind.