Fraxel Light

Utilizing premier Fraxel technology, Fraxel Light is designed to refresh dull, fatigued complexions and radically correct skin discolouration and texture irregularities without significant downtime. 

How does it work? 

This brilliant microlaser peel erases stubborn pigmentation together with surface imperfections such as pores, lines and rough dull skin. At the same time, the far-reaching laser energy supercharges cellular renewal, self-repair and collagen replenishment for a come-hither radiance and a healthy spring in your skin. 

Who is this treatment suitable for? 

Due to Fraxel Light’s stain-lightening, texture-refining, skin-illuminating and anti-aging benefits, this treatment is great for both a younger patient looking to perfect the complexion and take control of the aging process; as well as a more mature individual looking to refresh the visage and keep them from calling you "Ma'am" and start carding you for ID. 

Those with recent sunburn should not do this treatment. 

How many sessions are needed? 

Resistant pigmentation and pores may need about 6 to 8 sessions for optimal results although most patients see improvements even after the first treatment. Treatments are typically done at 3 to 4 weeks’ interval. 

What is the treatment like? 

Numbing cream is applied before the treatment to maximize your comfort. Most patients describe a warm prickly sensation as the gentle spray of microlaser peel sweeps through the treatment zone. 

Flushing of the skin is expected post-procedure and generally resolves by the next day. Patients may apply make-up immediately after treatment if needed. Some may experience mild flaking of skin 3 to 4 days later as skin renewal takes place. 

What follows is soft, smooth, even-toned skin – a complexion with such luminous clarity that it radiates the alluring lit-from-within glow. 

Prepare to see yourself in a new 'light'. 



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