Scar Correction Program

Scar Correction Program is the choice treatment plan for older surgical scars that have already healed completely but may benefit from supplementary supportive therapy. 

Designed to address textural and colour issues, this cosmetic correction program helps your skin regain its strength & suppleness, helping existing scars blend into your skin like a clever "photoshop" tool. 

To derive maximal therapeutic benefits, treatments should be instituted as early as possible and done every 2 weeks apart. Judicious adherence to our home care recommendations will also maximize your results. 

Program Type: 
S   M   L 

Treated area*: 
S- 7 x 2cm 
M- 10 x 3cm 
L- 30 x 3cm 

Program Price: 
S- RM3700 
M- RM4700 
L- RM7950 

* Measurements denote treatment area should be no greater than stated dimensions. 

+] Vbeam 
[+] Mixto 
[+] LED Red 
[+] Gentlewave 

Program Details: 3 Vbeam + 3 Mixto + 6 LED Red/ Gentlewave + 6 Scar Regeneration Masks