Laser Vein Removal

Gentle Yag laser --- the gentle way to remove veins and broken capillaries. 


Today's new laser technology sources provide safe and effective, non-surgical treatment options for the removal of spider veins. 

Our new, advanced laser treatments allow us to deliver a precise dosage of energy to each vein, with minimal risk to the skin. During your treatment, laser energy is delivered through a special hand piece with filters to the targeted vein, in series of short and/or long pulses. The laser energy is absorbed by the blood vessels till heat causes thermocoagulation (clogging) of the blood vessel. The treated veins are gradually resorbed by the body. 

Laser vein removal is done using the GentleYag system. The GentleYag is the fastest and most powerful Nd:Yag laser on the market today… 

What are the treatment options for removal of leg veins? 

In the past, the only viable option for removing spider veins was Sclerotherapy

GentleYAG opens up the options for leg vein removal, and allows even more thorough eradication of spider veins. While Sclerotherapy is more suited for larger veins, GentleYAG is the treatment of choice for smaller and finer veins. Treatment is quicker, easier and more comfortable. 

For best results, you may require a combination of therapies. Our doctors at The Sloane Clinic will advise you on the suitable options after a detailed consultation with you. 

What are the treatments like? 

First, we identify the veins to be treated. The larger veins are usually treated first. Using a delicate handpiece, we deliver laser energy to the vein. Laser therapy targets the blood pigments, causing the blood within the vein to coagulate and close down the vein. Most patients report little, if any discomfort. Some experience a "rubber band snap" sensation when we apply the laser pulse. 

How many treatments will I need? 

Significant improvement is realized in most cases with one or two treatments. However, new veins may occur and additional treatments are generally required for optimum results. Treatments may be done at 4 to 8 weeks’ intervals. 

Am I suitable for laser vein removal? 

We will review your medical history prior to any treatment, determine your skin type and severity of your condition and if there has been any prior surgery or treatment done on your veins. We need to exclude any deeper or more serious venous abnormality. If there an underlying abnormality is suspected, further investigations may be advised prior to your laser therapy. 

Is there any special post-treatment care? 

You may be prescribed special medical compression stockings to keep the treated veins closed after treatment. Avoidance of hot baths and strenuous exercise after treatment is also advised. There may be temporary darkening of the treated veins which will usually disappear after the first week. While each vein may require a few sessions, most disappear in 2 to 6 weeks as the treated vein is resorbed by the body.

There is no downtime involved, and you are generally encouraged to resume most normal activities immediately. We do ask that you refrain from vigorous activities for the first 24 hours.