Scar Care Program

Scar Care Program is the quintessential treatment plan to help your post-surgical scars heal expeditiously. 

This impressive double-pronged strategy uses only FDA approved technology and helps attenuate the formation of hypertrophic and keloid scars in susceptible individuals. Concurrently, it also accelerates the healing of post-surgical wounds and persuades post-surgical scars to fade quickly and in an optimal fashion. 

Best results are seen when the first session isinstituted at suture removal to 1 week post suture removal. Thereafter, sessions are recommended to be carried out judiciously at 2 weeks apart for best results. Keeping to the program time frame ensures ideal skin scar recovery and timely intervention. 

Program Type: 
S   M   L 

Treated area*: 
S- 7 x 2cm 
M- 10 x 3cm 
L- 30 x 3cm 

Program Price: 
S- RM3450 
M- RM4450 
L- RM7700 

* Measurements denote treatment area should be no greater than stated dimensions. 

[+] Vbeam 
[+] Fraxel Restore 
[+] LED Red 
[+] Gentlewave 

Program Details: 3 Vbeam + 3 Fraxel Restore + 6 LED Red/ Gentlewave + 6 Scar Regeneration Masks