Sparkling Skin Program

Worried that your cloudy complexion needs some CPR? This extremely efficient skin renewal laser may be the lighter cousin of our signature full-fledged Mixto lite but it can as easily breathe new life into your otherwise tepid tone, especially when done over a series of comfortable, low down-time sessions. 

carbon dioxide laser now comes in an airbrush microspray set to deliver deep dermal, peau-transforming benefits but without the tell tale downtime. Star qualities include instant stimulation skin's natural cell renewal cycle, enhancement of skin texture and elasticity as well as correction of imperfections and fine lines. This deceptively simple program leaves your skin sparkling. 

Just 6 frivolously easy sessions of this skin changing Mixto lite reveals a younger, brighter, super-supple look. 

Program price: 


You can choose to have your treatments separately. Treatments cost RM15,858 when done separately. 

[+] Mixto lite 
[+] LED Red 

Program Details: 6 sessions Mixto lite, 3-time LED Red Photomodulation therapy, 6-time Radiance Gel wraps.