Soft Lift Program

Softly suspending 100% absorbable Silhouette Instalift threads in pivotal positions on your face can help restore the sagging soft tissue architecture with powerful results. 

What's more? Strengthening underlying soft tissues that have weakened over time with these innovative collagen-stimulating threads can also boost your skin's regenerative capacity and slow down it's sagging process. Working under your skin to form youthful pillars of support, these fully absorbable threads work in synergy to give better results than when done individually. 

Soft Lift Program identifies and targets three key areas of skin sagging, and works in tandem to not only correct but enhance the appearance of your visage from your jawline to your midface to give you the optimal lifting powerhouse sans surgery. 


Silhouette Instalift Lower-face Contour-lift a pair of 12 cones

Silhouette Instalift Mid-face Firm-lift a pair of 16 cones

Silhouette Instalift Jawline Definition-lift a pair of 12 cones

Program price: Full face RM23,250 

You can choose to have your treatments separately. Treatments cost RM31,250 when done separately. 

[+] Silhouette Instalift 

Program Details: 1 pair of Silhouette Instalift 12 cones (lower face/jowls treatment) + 1 pair of Silhouette Instalift 16 cones (mid face/nasolabial fold treatment) + 1 pair of Silhouette Instalift 12 cones (jawline enhancement)