Our Team & Partners

Drawing from the inspiration of our legacy and rich heritage, the custodians of SLOANE believe in the Diversity of our People and our Partners through our shared eco-system of beauty, health and wellness.  As part of “The Sloane Network”, we work together as a whole unit, both within and outside of The Sloane Group to experience beauty in our daily lives.  


We are The Sloane Network and everyone in our Network, from our core SLOANE team to our Partners work together as a unit to make the SLOANE BEAUTY journey and experience possible.    


Our in-house team comprise trained and experienced physicians in medical aesthetics and anti-ageing medicine; our visionary entrepreneurs, who believe in making the world a much better place with science-based knowledge and applications to build the bridges and partnerships that help us grow The Sloane Network in the region; our caring therapists, who diligently apply themselves to share consistent clinical programs that have helped us touch many lives; and our aesthetics and industry partners from established brands and innovative companies collaborate with us so that we can provide the best-of-breed beauty and wellness solutions and outcomes to our patients.  It is this Diversity of capabilities that has launched a refreshing and meaningful journey for our SLOANE brand for Sustainable Beauty.


For in SLOANE, we believe that no one has the monopoly in knowledge and technology.  We believe in a Shared Beauty Eco-system to design and innovate value-add solutions and experiences for our patients in their Beauty & timeless ageing journey.

As long as there is a humility to learn, a passion for innovation and the determination to achieve success, measurable in terms of patient and care fulfilment and positive clinical outcomes, SLOANE shall embrace all who are willing to share their commitment and capabilities into our family - to serve our patients collectively as one.